What is the March for Life?



Attacks on innocent human life are ever more numerous and new tools of death threaten the very survival of the human race: RU486, Ellaone, the morning after pill and so forth. For over thirty years, a national law (194/1978) has regulated the deliberate killing of innocent lives within the womb and its victims number in the millions. The March for Life is a sign that there are people who have not given up hope and want the rights of those who have no voice to prevail over the logic of utilitarianism, exasperated individualism, and a notion of law that allows the rights of the weak and innocent to be victimized.

With the March for Life we intend to:

• Affirm the sanctity of human life and therefore its absolute inviolability from its conception to its natural death, without exception, condition, nor compromise;

• Fight against any act aimed at killing innocent human life or injuring its unconditional dignity and inalienability.


For this reason:

• We call all people of good will to rally to defend the right to life as the primary non-negotiable principle, carved in the heart and mind of every human being and – for those who are Christians  –

also deriving from their common faith in God the Creator;

• We call on every defender of life to take action – at the political and cultural levels – against any legislation that is contrary to natural law, as well as against any manipulation by the media and culture on its behalf. And, should either the political climate or the lack of popular support make the abolishment of such laws impossible, to undertake the public denunciation of their inherent injustice, which renders them non-binding to the conscience of the individual. The fourth edition of the March will be in Rome, center of Christianity and political power. The streets of the capital have been traversed, even recently, by numerous indecent and blasphemous parades; instead, our procession wishes to proclaim the universal value of the right to life and the primacy of the common good over evil and selfishness.


The initiative is neither a political demonstration, nor a religious procession; it is a rally for Life.  As such it welcomes all pro-life groups, believers and non-believers alike, and invites them to participate with appropriate, banners, signs, and symbols (with the exception of any strictly political ones).

Two conferences on Life are planned for May 3 rd in Rome: One Italian and one international.  We hope you too can join us! Your help and participation are critical to this vital initiative!


We need:

 Prayer, that moves mountains (1 Cor.13.2) and overcomes all difficulty;

 The establishment of local centers to help us at the grassroots level: preparing and

distributing promotional material – flyers, banners, flags, posters; organizing vanpools and

buses for transportation to Rome; encouraging the participation of friends and family; etc..

 Financial support, so as to multiply our efforts. You may contribute by making a deposit in the attached current account or by bank transfer to:

Comitato per la Marcia Nazionale per la Vita
Banca Etruria,
Iban: IT26 M053 9003 2170 0000 0092 314
Bic: ARBAIT33134

For anyone who wants to give an help or have informations, write us to:, or phone us to: 06-3233370 / 06-3220291

Thank you!

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