Oklahoma Dismemberment Bill Signed Into Law

Mary FallinTony Lauinger, State Chairman, Oklahomans For Life’s President, wrote an article about the “Dismemberment Bill” final approbation. The complete article can be read here. We report the most important passages, referring to the “friendly rivalries” which can permit an extension of the pro-life legislation in a large number of States.

Friendly rivalries among states can be beneficial in our efforts to defend the right to life. Friendly competition can spur us to greater commitment, longer hours, and deeper devotion to those we seek to protect. Learning from each other is also extremely beneficial. We Okies learned a lot from Kathy Ostrowski as Kansans for Life encountered various obstacles through this process. One state’s experiences can benefit others, and can spare us from having to “reinvent the wheel.”

Governor Brownback and his state of Kansas earned the distinction of being #1 in this instance, and we offer our sincere congratulations!

Absolutely indispensable to our efforts here in Oklahoma, on the Dismemberment bill, as on all other pro-life legislation for the past 30 years, is Mary’s invaluable assistance. As Director of State Legislation, Mary’s constant guidance, legal expertise, and never-failing wisdom are the reason Oklahoma has enacted most of its pro-life laws.

I would like to thank our Oklahoma state legislators for their overwhelming support for this groundbreaking law. Representative Pam Peterson and Senator Josh Brecheen, in particular, deserve our deep appreciation. And I’d like to express our sincere gratitude to Governor Mary Fallin, who signed our bill into law six days after Governor Brownback signed the Kansas law.

The Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act has the potential to revolutionize the debate over abortion in our nation. It’s educational value is as important as its immediate life-preserving effect. In the long-term campaign to win the hearts and minds of the people on this most critical issue of our age, this legislation and the discussion it engenders, can open people’s eyes as nothing else can.


Source: NRL News Today

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