Human Right: abortion is a crime against humanity

December 7-10, 2013, Hilversum, Holland 
December 7 – March for Life followed by church service in The Hague.
March-For-Life-2010-Ott-Banner‘Human Right: abortion is a crime against humanity’
Bert P. Dorenbos. President of Schreeuw om Leven (Cry for Life, Holland), Allan Parker of The Justice Foundation and Operation Outcry USA in conjunction with other pro life warriors are called to develop and prepare a court case to convince the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague and other nations around the world to declare that arbitrary abortion on demand is a crime against humanity.
Abortion is killing a human being. Killing is murder. The right of protection of life is guaranteed by the International Declaration on Human Rights. Abortion discriminates, contrary to the Declaration on Human Rights. Arbitrary abortion on random demand constitutes a crime against humanity.
Abortion Court Case Tribunal
Reasons for the urgency to bring a criminal case concerning abortion to the ICC.
The ICC is a neutral entity, able to adjudicate international controversial issues.
All the Human Rights declarations forbid the killing a human being, especially for convenience
The facts are clear: a child is murdered by means of every abortion.
50 million children are murdered each year by means of abortion.
Killing an unborn child unlawfully deprives him of his right to life, guaranteed by the Declaration
Killing someone else can never be the solution of a personal problem, the primary reason for abortions.
Killing can never be a man’s/woman’s right because it discriminates against the aborted unborn.
Mothers are hurt by abortion, physically and mentally.
Favorable ruling by ICC prepares us to be ready, in case of a certain situation, person, state or a country can quickly be put on trial.
The recent legal abortion battle in Texas and the upcoming legal battle in North Dakota in the USA will be used to document this court case to make abortion a crime against humanity (Allan Parker).
Because of the Supreme Court states that post abortion seems to be a “phenomenon” in the abortion debate, the Court asks for more proof. We will offer 5.000 legal testimonies of women who have had an abortion which provides a wealth of information and proof of this “phenomenon”. These testimonies will be studied and statistically documented. From medical perspective evidence will be brought in about the medical facts proving that an unborn human being has equal rights of protection.
Gendercide is seen as severe violation of human (women) rights. This widely used practice (East Asia, China and India) against girls and women will also be addressed as a crime against humanity. The newly released film It’s a girl and the work and action of Reggie Littlejohn is very essential in this (legal) battle. We will make the above the primary center of the discussion and study at the next Human Rights Conference December 7-10, 2013 in Holland. The theme will be: “Abortion a crime against humanity”. Discussions will be continued in Washington DC January, 20-23 2014 and in India at the international conference about gendercide June 23-July 3, 2014 in Coimbatore TN, and March 20, 2015 at the Solemn Assembly in Jerusalem, Israel with Cry4Life and Line In The Sand and Helping Hands Coalition.
Allan Parker of the Justice Foundation and Operation Outcry USA spoke about; Abortion Is a Crime Against Humanity. Allan used the argument that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, signed Dec. 10, 1948, guarantees the right to life of every person. This also includes the unborn human fetus, which must be considered a human being. As such he is guaranteed the right to life, making abortion a crime against that right.
NOTE: See special report of the 2013 March for Life and the day’s activities.
December 8 – Church service, Fire Church, Rotterdam.
Pastor Frank Pot introduced his congregation to our visiting pro-life conference group and briefly spoke about his pro-life vision for Holland.
Allan Parker spoke, Human Rights in a Biblical Perspective. His text was Isaiah 61:1-2.
Continuing from yesterday’s theme, he noted that Jesus used this passage when He began his ministry. As Jesus did, we also must proclaim liberty to the unborn who suffer from the evil of abortion. By proclaiming the need for justice to the oppressed, justice will come through the vengeance of the Lord. Prison doors, i.e. closed minds will be opened to the truth. Babies will be born not destroyed through abortion. People who formerly mourned because of evil rampant in the land will now enjoy the oil of gladness, wear a garment of praise instead of a having a faint spirit – and God will be glorified. Justice and truth will prevail! Have faith and hope for a revival, continuing to work against oppression and evil in the land.
Dinner was a community pizza supper share with Fire Church members and Conference Attendees.
December 9 – Human Rights Conference, Schreeuw Om Leven, Hilversum
Allan Parker spoke; Human Rights for the Unborn in a Prophetic Perspective. His text was Isaiah 28:17-21. Allan said that this important passage motivated him to begin collecting written testimonies from women who had had abortions. Almost all these testimonies are sad recollections of grief, pain and remorse over having killed her child in an abortion. Alan, through the Justice Foundation, now has 4706 written affidavit testimonies to present to the courts in upcoming cases. The first will be in the North Dakota Supreme Court where the state law prohibiting abortion after six weeks is being hotly contested. Alan called attention to verse 21 which refers to Mt Perazim (2Sam.5-20) and Gibeon (Josh.10:1-14). In both cases the Lord miraculously worked on the side of Israel, in mighty very obvious observable ways, giving Israel unexpected victories over their enemies in crucial battles. Although Isaiah prophesied this for his day, we too can expect that prophecy to still be valid. It could come to pass in our struggle with the pro-abortion forces who oppose us on every hand. We need to rely on the miraculous hand of God to help us, not to rely upon our own strength. We will overcome if we simply trust in Him and pray for victory.
Alex van Vuuren, Office Mgr. Schreeuw om Leven spoke; Historical Overview of the Dutch Royal House of Orange in Relation to Life. Alex gave a historical review of the current celebration in the Netherlands, the 200th anniversary of the founding of the current Kingdom of the Netherlands. France under Napoleon had annexed Holland. The Dutch people wanted their independence as before. While Napoleon was occupied with European war, The Hague city government called for a Solemn Assembly after the type mentioned in Joel 1:14. Many of these Solemn Assemblies had been organized during the 80 years war (1568-1648) after which Holland gained its independence. Solemn Assemblies were gatherings of churches where fasting and prayer were common, people cried out to God for help, and God gave the leaders wisdom through prayer. These Assemblies then advised the official elected government how God had spoken, for their legislative action. At the 1813 Assembly, independence from France was declared and Prince Fredrick Willem was invited to return from exile in England to head the revolt and the country. He was crowned King of the Netherlands December 1, 1813. King Willem I was a godly man, relying on God to direct him. At his coronation he publically called on the Lord, “So help me God Almighty!” Solemn Assemblies continued to be organized periodically during the 19th century to confess and ask forgiveness of sin, declare total dependence upon God in all affairs and ask God for wisdom and help. After those Assemblies, Parliament was contacted: were told how God had spoken, advising how the country could continue to be God-fearing.
Marianne Provoost, lawyer and owner of the law firm, Medical Law, spoke; Legal Rights and Informed Consent. She said that the law requires abortion providers to obtain the consent of each woman undergoing the procedure. They are supposed to do this by informing them about the proposed abortion. Inform and consent is a good thing but unfortunately the abortion clinics do not inform very well. The information they provide is minimal because if they say too much it might cause a client to change her mind. Marianne reminded the group to be sure to advise all the women clients we counsel to be sure to ask every relevant questions they might have. Nothing should be withheld from a woman who must give her consent, as per the law, for such an important decision.
Our day in Hilversum ended with warm welcome dinner for guest families and friends.
December 10, 2013 – Conference continued in Dordrecht, Holland, on the actual sized Noah’s Ark currently moored at that port.
Jeroen a disciple of Johan Huibers; Dreams Come Through. First, he shared with us his personal testimony, how he came to know the Lord when he visited the original ½ sized ark. Then he explained the vision that Johan had of constructing another ark, this time full life-sized. God told him to build another Ark to show today’s world that the original Ark could have been constructed and used to preserve Noah and family plus the animals exactly as the Bible relates it in Genesis 6. Venema duplicated the exact dimensions, the kinds of material used and method of construction. Example, the “rooms” (Gen.6:14) are interpreted to be a honeycomb interior deck construction. Honeycomb laminated wood today is the strongest wood for construction. (Modern airplane wings are made honeycomb laminated aluminum for strength). Venema says that this construction idea came from the Lord to guide Noah as he was building what was probably the largest object anyone had ever seen at that time. Such a large construction needed to be strong to hold a cargo of many heavy animals with provisions, and to withstand the stress of the coming tumultuous flood. Venema opened the Ark for public viewing last year. Many have come to see it. Although Venema uses the Ark to demonstrate the authenticity of the Bible, it also has a prophetic message. The Ark is a warning to the world of God’s judgment on a previous sinful world. Modern times are much as they were in Noah’s where sin abounds everywhere, people mocking God and righteousness, refusing to believe the truth. They think the world will last forever. God has a different plan and the world had better be aware of what could come in the future by noting the results of an evil past. Venema wants to share his dream with the world, taking the Ark on a tour around the world. The Ark is a good evangelistic tool for that purpose. Jeroen shared Huibers dream to build a water tunnel from the Mediterranean to the Dead Sea through Israel. This amazing idea would replenish the diminishing water of the Dead Sea, plus generate electricity through the fall of the water from the higher Mediterranean to the lower Dead Sea. That electricity could be used to power a water purification plant to provide safe drinking water to the arid desert areas.
Kees van Helden, Schreeuw Om Leven spoke; Evolution Leads to Abortion. Kees gave us a detailed explanation of the theory of evolution. The logical conclusion of the theory’s key doctrine, “survival of the fittest” naturally leads to eugenics. Margaret Sanger developed eugenics studies and later founded Planned Parenthood. Her view was that if the “fittest” are the ones to survive, we, with modern technology can help that process to eliminate the unfit by keeping them from multiplying. The eugenics movement, beginning toward the end of the 19th century led to widespread birth control and eventually abortion. Acceptance of abortion has its roots in the pervasive world-wide accepted humanistic dogma that assumes that evolution is the truth. Eugenics is the logical assumption that follows this false assumption. With that given assumption, it is not a large step to include abortion as an aid to develop a more pure and healthy society.
Bert P. Dorenbos, CEO of Cry for Life, Hilversum, spoke; Living in the Days of Noah, Time is Running out, Pray Always. Following the description and tour of the Ark, Bert said that the modern world resembles the time of Noah when God observed that the thoughts of man were continually evil and He was sorry that he had made man on the earth (Gen.6:5-6). Bert said that we too are living in the last days of our civilization, the end is near. God hates the shedding of innocent blood (Prob.6:17). Blood is regarded as the seat of life. The rampant spread of abortion on demand that sheds innocent blood of the unborn is an affront to God the giver of life. When an abortion is made, it sheds innocent blood, thereby throwing God’s gift of life back into His face. This cannot continue without God’s judgment coming on arrogant men who disregard and minimize the wonderful gift of life thinking that they can take it away at whim.
The world now has had evolution that states that life somehow created itself from nothing. God was not needed. And now worse, is the idea that man can create life through cloning. It all bespeaks man’s supercilious pretentions to be god himself. That is what the devil did and we know that he failed miserably. Man will fail also. God has called us as believers to change the situation by promoting the truth. Positive change happens mainly through prayer. What Christians need to do is pray more than we do. Bert is advocating that we pray much more than before. Prayer will bring victory and change. He attributes the large increase in the 2013 March participation as an answer to concerted prayer beforehand. God always works through the prayers of the faithful.
Michael van der Mast spoke; Human Rights: Auschwitz and Abortion. Michael, Senior Advisor to Cry for Life, called attention to the trials at Nuremburg after WWII. At the trials testimony was presented against the perpetrators of the Nazi German government who ruthlessly gathered, condemned and killed Europe’s Jews, Gypsies, and Homosexuals. Those responsible for these crimes were judged, condemned and sentenced. What is interesting to us in our work is that doctors who performed abortions during that time were also judged and condemned as criminals. Michael made the point that abortion done for convenience was considered at Nuremburg, to be a crime against humanity. Abortion was viewed with the same logical understanding as was the mass killing of the more than 6 million persons who perished, also for convenience of the Germans. Therefore, the obvious implication is that the pro-life position that abortion is a crime against humanity is not new. It comes out of the WWII and the Nuremburg experience that followed. Pro-life adheres to time tested judicial truth established over periods of time. Murder for convenience has always been morally wrong. The pro-life movement must bring this careless interpretative behavior, this aberration of justice to light and press for justice.
Brad Mattes, Life Issues Institute, Cincinnati, USA, spoke; How Auschwitz Sharpened My Pro-Life Perspective. Brad shared his time visiting the Auschwitz concentration camp. He mentioned seeing the exhibits of suitcases, eye glasses, shoes, prosthetic devices, all the combined worldly goods that the victims of Auschwitz had left behind. Seeing all this gathered together reminded him that each suitcase that once belonged to a living person; that person vanished, totally gone, was killed before his time. Each shoe had a person whose foot used it to walk. Each pair of eye glasses had eyes behind it. What happened to them? Each prosthetic device belonged to a person forever missing. The murders at Auschwitz became more real to him, because he could see countless proof just from things left behind, that actual people who used to live, were killed, killed simply and merely for convenience. He went on to say that abortion is no different, really. Unborn infant humans, i.e. people, are killed for convenience every day. Each untimely death represents a life that could have been lived, a part of humanity that could be alive today, but is lost forever because he or she was not convenient to have around at the time of conception. What an absolute disaster.
Bert Block, Latin American Director of Project Philip, USA, spoke; The Bible is Our Most Important Weapon for Truth. The importance the Bible has had on civilization since the Reformation cannot be under estimated. Luther’s main contribution was the translation of the Bible into common German language in order that God’s word became available to every person. Everyone could now know about God and his love for men by reading the truth themselves; not as before by hearing and trying to understand the speculations of religious leaders. Project Philip promotes mass Scripture distribution world-wide. Block just completed compiling a Spanish version of a condensed version of the Bible, Great Bible Truths. This version is designed for first time readers. It presents all of the Scriptural truths chronologically and necessary for one to know about God and become a saved believer. The themes begin with God and Creator of the universe. Then man is created and sin enters the world. The promise of a redeemer is made and that theme follows much of the Old Testament presented. The history of Israel follows and the ways of God Himself are portrayed. Jesus Christ, his life and teachings are followed by the early Church history. The book ends with the teaching epistles followed by a final look at the New Heavens and New Earth promised in Revelations 19-22. Great Bible Truths has been used successfully in India for several years. It is possible that a Dutch version could be made for use in the pro-life work in the Netherlands. Other language versions will follow. Block encouraged us put the Bible first in all we do. His missionary experience confirmed that the Bible is very effective in reaching the unsaved. He called attention to Heb 4:12. The “sword of the spirit” is our main weapon to combat the lies of the enemy about life. He ended with the tenet, truth prevails. The truth is found in God’s Word.
The conference ended with Bert Dorenbos thanked the Conferees for coming, encouraging us all to keep working to end abortion, to stop the shedding of innocent blood. A delicious farewell dinner was served by the crew on the Ark. Afterward; we said farewells and thanked the Lord for an excellent March for Life and Conference on Human Rights.
Drs. L.P. Dorenbos & Bert Block
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