Italian March for Life pays beautiful tribute to Alfie Evans

Thousands of people participated in Rome’s March for Life Saturday, filling the streets of the ancient city with music, dancing, and prayer. The annual event was organized by March for Life President Virginia Coda Nunziante and her team of volunteers.  Along the cobblestone streets and amid buildings and structures thousands of years old, young and…

Forty Years of Abortion in Italy

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the legalization of abortion in Italy—what has transpired on that front in the past four decades? For answers one turns to the mandatory annual report that Italy’s Minister of Health sends to Parliament. Issued in late December, the 2017 report presents detailed definitive data for the year 2016….

Italian Church Scandal Positive Step for Pro-Life Movement

Last week, a new scandal materialized in the Italian church. A woman in Southern Italy known as Francesca, has claimed that now-retired Archbishop Salvatore Nunnari (while still ordinary of the Archdiocese of Cosenza-Bisignano) encouraged her to have an abortion after being impregnated by her local parish priest during the course of an illicit, although consensual…

Beating hearts at March for Life in the Netherlands

December 9th the Netherlands will see its 25th edition of the March for Life. In 2016 the Dutch March for Life grew unexpectedly from 2500 participants in the previous year to 5000. This year the organizers are expecting another increase in attendance.

Kansas bishop has mass, adoration and exorcism outside abortion mill

WICHITA, Kan. ( – A bishop is standing up for unborn children by having Mass, Eucharistic adoration and an exorcism at an abortion mill in Kansas. Bishop Carl Kemme, the head of the diocese of Wichita, along with seven of his priests and nearly 500 faithful, prayed for the end of abortion outside the South…